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We offer full-service packing, storage, staging, disposal, furniture assembly, and the handling of specialty items.
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Full-Service Packing

Most people don't realize how much stuff they have until it's time to move. This can make things extremely stressful and overwhelming or maybe you just don't have the time to do it all yourself. We come prepared with all necessary packing materials to properly transport everything that you have safely to your new home.
If you plan on doing the packing yourself, please click the link here for our "tips & tricks" on how to get some packing advice.
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We have built great relationships with several relators of the years. Before showings, we stage and decorate apartments so they are ready to list. Once they sell, we move the furniture out over and over again.
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We offer long and short term storage. Please inquire for availability.
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We can handle/advise on removing furniture and certain items. Please note: we do not offer large trash disposal, but are happy to point you in the right direction.

Furniture Assembly

We do not have an extra charge for taking apart and putting together any furniture. This is part of the job so this will be calculated into the price provided before the job.

There are instances where we are asked to put something together from scratch at the new location; this too will be calculated into the labor and will not have an extra fee.
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Handling of Specialty Items

From pianos to expensive artwork, chandeliers, and everything in between, we have the necessary equipment to properly move any oversized, fragile items from one location to the next.
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Custom Items
Oversized Items

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